Groovy Loopz – An Easy Drum Loop Player for Live Performers

One of the most downright fun things you can do with one of Apple’s iDevices, in music making terms at least, is to jam out and program drum and percussion loops on the go. There’s endless fun to be had building grooves on the bus, creating pounding rhythms at your desk on a lunch break, or sketching out percussion parts on the way to a band practice. It’s when these ideas can be taken further – by transferring them to your live performance or rehearsal.

What is Groovy Loopz?

For enhancing your live performances and avoiding the frustration of carrying that bulky MPC, laptop or drum machine, we have an app that might help you. It is called Groovy Loopz, created by the developers who brought us Live Chopz (MAK APPS), now available for all iOS users. The app is designed with intuitive user interface and tons of useful features.

How it Works?

Groovy Loopz offers a lot of drum loops and click tracks across various genres and styles to improve your live performances. It allows you to easily customize drum loop names, save them to your SetList for easy access during performances, lock the tempo of the currently playing drum loop so that subsequently selected drums loops play at this tempo, re-adjust drum loop tempo up/down in real-time, start/stop audio playback with zero latency enhancing real-time user experience and so much more. All you have to do is download the app on your iPhone or iPad and follow the quick start guide.

Don’t miss the chance to use this simple and convenient app, download it now from the App Store!