Enjoy the first end-to-end text encryption experience with CipherBoard – Secure & Encrypted Keyboard

Most people use whatever keyboard comes installed on their smartphone. However, millions of users download replacement keyboards instead. Which offer better features, more customization, or a faster and better typing experience? With that in mind, these are the best keyboards for Android. The default app on your Samsung, LG or HTC smartphone probably works fine. That said, thousands of alternatives are on the app markets.

Luckily, there are varieties of third-party keyboards for Android (and even a few for iOS) that add tons of features. Everything from swiping gestures, GIFs, themes, backgrounds and more you will find plenty of good options but to help you to get the best one for your devices we have compiled this review for an app,  CipherBoard – Secure & Encrypted Keyboard.

What is CipherBoard – Secure & Encrypted Keyboard?

CipherBoard – Secure & Encrypted Keyboard is the perfect keyboard for smartphones with its convenient features and a completely optimized layout for smartphones allow faster as well as error-free typing. Well, now most of the users would be thinking that above-mentioned features are offered by many others too, but wait this one comes up with some other extraordinary features. Yes! This one offers you end-to-end encryption for your text messages no matter you are using it for Facebook, typing an email or if it is about a simple text.

Just type your text and press the encrypt button present at the top of the keyboard and now only the selected users would be able to decrypt your message. An intelligent auto correction and adaptation of the keyboard to individual typing behavior further minimizes errors. In addition, it comes up with tons of emoji to add colors to your messages with the highest level of secure typing experience.

So what else you want? It is functioning with both iOS and Android OS devices and you can install it for FREE. Direct download links to the recommended app markets of both devices are present below.