Graffitier a New Way of Social Networking

Social network is a great way to stay in-touch with friends and family. Not only that, you can share with the rest of the world what’s going on in your life. A few years ago the best thing we had in social network is Myspace. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Graffitier. Graffitier is the great new way to interact with people in your area by tagging text, images and videos. The app changes the way you engage with the people around you by offering you a number of different features.

Graffitier allows you to tag your post wherever you go, see what’s posting around you. You can then like, comment and share. The app is easy to use. You will need to firstly sign up with email to get started. There really isn’t a lot to the app but it’s effective and useful in making sure the way you connect with the social networking world is just right. The Graffitier button within the app is where you make all your post from. Whether it’s an image or a video you want to share then that’s easily done. You can also customise your profile using the profile tab, edit it to add a picture, the country you’re from and even add your bio.

Graffitier Key Features at a Glance:
User friendly interface with intuitive design
Tag posts to user location automatically.
Show others tags around user location.
Multiple options for tags Text, Photo or Video.
Different photo filters and editing tools
Engage with others easily: Follow, like, comment or share. See other users’ tags.

Download Graffitier for free and start connecting socially in a cool and innovative way. Learn about new place and things and get connected to new people.