Technology, Teens and Generation Z

Children as young as four know how to use tablets and apps and may use similar technology in schools. Many toys now come with an app feature and blue tooth technology. Was there life before Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat? How did we shop and bank if not online? Teens find pre-technology lives hard to remember or believe! So where is technology going? And who decides where it is going?

Have you heard of Generation Z? They were born in the mid-1990s and beyond, aged between 13 and 21 and there are about  2 – 2.52 billion of them. They socialise, learn and have fun living in a digital world where the boundaries between their online and offline lives blur together.

Companies like IBM are turning to Generation Z to find about about what they want and expect for the future and to help shape where technology is going. It is awesome that they are understanding and accepting the importance of these young people who hold such important keys to the future.

Here are some fascinating facts about Generation Z:

  • 60% of surveyed Gen Z’ers will not use an app or website that is too slow to load.
  • Less than 30% of surveyed Gen Z’ers are willing to share health and wellness, location, personal life or payment information.
  • Over 70% of surveyed Gen Zers said they influence family decisions on buying furniture, household goods, and food and beverages.

The favourite, and most frequently used device is a mobile phone (around 75%) – here are how often other devices are used:

  • Laptop computer 45%
  • Desktop computer 30%
  • Tablet  10%
  • Xbox/gaming console 8%
  • Interactive/smart TV 3%
  • Wearable devices 1%

This quote sums up exactly what the world is like for Generation Z today:

“They are ‘always on’ and they expect everything to be available ‘on-demand’ because they are used to having everything at their fingertips 24/7.” – CMO, Home and Lifestyle Retailer

There is a whole ton of information on the IBM website, as well as the latest news and fascinating developments in the world of technology.