Top iPhone and iPad Apps for Students: 2017 Edition

The last time we took a look at apps that could help students was two years ago. Many things have changed since then. Online courses are now very popular and students rely more on their iPhones and iPads for studying and completing course assignments. There are a lot of new apps designed for students, so we decided to take another look at apps that can help students perform better at school. Here are our top picks for this year.

iTunes University

Apple now has its own app for university students called the iTunes University or iTunes U. The app specifically offers access to course materials from top universities across the country. It also grants access to specific programs, such as the online masters in software development from Maryville University.

If you can’t find your course materials on this app, you can always search for a similar program to get the resources you need. The online MSSD degree mentioned earlier shares similarities with programs from other universities, so you should be able to find course materials from iTunes U. The available resources are presented in text, audio, and video format.

Google Drive and Other Apps

It is interesting to note that Google’s apps on iOS are very fluid and easy to use. Google Drive integrates well with other iOS features, and the rest of the suite, including Google Docs and Google Slides, work just as seamlessly. These apps are among the must-have apps if you do a lot of course assignments.

Another positive thing about using Google Apps is that you can collaborate with fellow students on an assignment, even when all of you are in different places. Simply access the document using Google Docs and you can keep track of changes in real-time.


Evernote is a superb note-taking app that helps keep your notes and course materials organized. The app is now more capable than ever, offering better character recognition, the ability to scan documents using the iPhone’s camera, and even to-do lists for better time and task management.

There are other apps that offer note-taking capabilities, but Evernote is still the best app to use. You can also pick up a special notebook – an actual notepad – that integrates seamlessly with Evernote for digitizing notes and scribbles.


The free version of iStudiez is already a great app to have if you’re a student, but we recommend paying the $0.79 to enjoy the Pro version and gain access to more features. This app is a productivity app built specifically for students. You can synchronize your schedules, have better control over your daily activities, and even set reminders for assignments and exams.

IStudiez Pro is particularly handy if you are an online student since it really helps set study schedules meticulously. You no longer have to worry about keeping up with the course and course materials because you now have iStudiez to remind you to study at predetermined times.

These apps are all handy to have if you are a student. They certainly make tackling the challenges of online and offline study a lot easier.