Has your mobile been submerged in water?

Do you own an iPhone? Do you consider it a major part of your day to day activities? According to Network World the average user touches their phone 2617 times a day. Because we handle our phones so often, the risk of damaging it in one form or another is relatively high. How many people do you know with a cracked screen? With iPhones increasingly having an impact on our daily tasks, one of the biggest paranoia among users is the fatal event where your cell falls in the sink, bathtub, toilet, or the pool. In fact, research has found that it is believed, 100,000 smartphones are damaged by liquids each day! Regardless of the situation, what matters is how you react after that.

“Do not panic” is a rare reaction to expect from someone whose iPhone has just been submerged. However, it will be better is you stay calm and do things step by step. Start by assessing how your phone fell in the water at the first place. This way, you can know exactly, how severe the damage is. Chances of rescuing your phone to full functionality depend on how long it was submerged. Remember that mobile phones are electronic gadgets, which can be hazardous when combined with water. If your phone is plugged and in water at the same time, unplug it before taking it out.

Whether it is waterproof or not, try to remove your mobile from the water as fast as possible. Unfortunately, even waterproof phones can get seriously damaged from all the water getting in through Bluetooth, earphones and charging holes. Once it is out of the water, turn off your iPhone immediately to prevent short circuiting. It is important to strip your iPhone of any accessories or casings, battery cover, battery, and SIM cards to save files and contacts. To see if damage has already taken place, check the bottom of the battery tray. If its destroyed, the circle or red crosses will turn pink.

Do not shake your iPhone or wipe it with tissue. Instead, use a dry towel. Next step is using the vacuum to draw the water from frail parts of your iPhone. Do this for not more than twenty minutes and make sure that your mobile is not so close to the vacuum, that it can create static electricity. Avoid using a hair dryer because it only pushes the water deeper in your iPhone’s components. If you act in time, there is a chance of saving your phone with these tips on what to do if you drop your phone in water.