Yabb Messenger: SMS, Text Chat & Voice Calls

People are always looking for ways to keep in-touch with friends and family. With a smartphone it’s the easiest way possible. However connecting with family across the other side of the world can be very expensive. You can easily rack up a phone bill that will take you months to pay off. That’s why apps such as Yabb messenger is prefect to keep those bills down. In fact Yabb is free and you won’t have to spend a single penny on sending SMS or calling your love ones.

Yabb Messenger is a free calling and unlimited text messaging service that can easily rival Whatsapp and other services that offer the same services. You can call anyone, anywhere in the world for free. All you need is either 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. You can send pictures, maps, voice messages, emoticons, animations, stickers, texts and even Youtube videos (can Whatsapp do that?) The pictures you send can be edited within the app to add effects and filters to spice up your photos. You can also customise the chat background to whatever you like. If you don’t feel like chatting you can create and send a voice message. Yabb is pack with features, from push notifications to user interface customisation to group chat, anything a messenger app should have Yabb has it. There are some unique animated Emojis that you will not find in other messenger apps.

Just like other messenger apps you have to sign up, this will be with either your phone number, Facebook, Google or email. You will then be sent a code which you need to enter so to verify your registration. Once you’re verified you will be able to add friends from by phone number, Facebook or Google plus account. You will then need to sort your profile. You can add your photo and whatever name you choose. You can invite friends in your contact to chat with you even if they haven’t got the Yabb messenger app downloaded.

Yabb messenger is free to download and absolutely free to use.