Quetzal is bringing you a new and exciting match-3 puzzling experience

Match 3 games have been around for a long time and on many platforms. However, we believe the iOS is the platform to play these delightful games. Moreover, if Match 3 type games are a favorite of yours, but you are ready for an additional element to your Match 3 play, you are in luck. While there are many other “twisted” Match 3 games out there, we are sure at least one of these will keep you tapping, sliding and matching for hours on end. So read on this review about the new game app from the same category named as, Quetzal: match three; let the prizes come to me.

What is Quetzal: match three; let the prizes come to me?


Quetzal: match three; let the prizes come to me is your new match-3 puzzle crush adventure. The thing that makes it unique from the rest of match-3 games is that it combines the twist of betting games with matching jewels. The rest of the gameplay theme is same but here in this game, you must have to place a bet before each move.

The game features Quetzal a bird, known for bringing wealth and good fortune and in the game, you will be finding a different kind of stones in the nest of Quetzal. Each of these stones has got their own values that will help you to enhance your gaming experience except the roses as these mean nothing but clearing these can reveal some precious gems. The game comes up with stunning 2D graphics and amazing popping sounds that you will love to hear. The game environment is unique as compared to the rest of Match-3 games, giving a kind of ancient look.

This amazing match-3 puzzle adventure is available free for your iOS OS devices and you can have it free from the link present at the end of this helping review.