Interesting Android Apps Launching In 2017

The apps are what make our mobile devices tick. Developers are constantly creating new applications for the technology that already exists within our devices and finding new and creative ways to utilize these tools for innovative and interesting applications in the real world. There is a real market out there for developers who can come up with a sophisticated idea that will hit the top of the charts in app sales. These are the android apps to look out for this year.

Socratic is probably the best reason for you to be using your phone in class. This is an app that uses the camera on your phone to capture a particular equation or problem that you might be having an issue understanding and then goes through the motions of explaining it to you. Take a picture of the problem with the app and out comes the pages that not only solve the problem for you, but go through the steps in explaining the solution and the various theories and concepts you need to understand in order to really internalize and learn how to do it without the app. The app works for all subjects and can teach you how baking bread is an endothermic process, or the complete Pythagorean theorem.  

The native app downloads in the Google Play Store are not the only options out there. HTML5 has allowed programmers to optimize web-based apps for android use to offer and easier way to access them without requiring a download. This is the primary method used by legally regulated offshore gambling sites to offer their games on mobile devices. When you pull up the game, the HTML5 code takes over your browser and temporarily installs the apps to your mobile device. When you are done the code will uninstall itself instantly and you will not have to free up any space on your device for the next game you decide to play. There are myriads of real-money gambling apps out there in this form that exist among the comprehensive list of reputable betting apps.

Do you get a lot of parking tickets? Ever have trouble remembering where you parked? Spot Angels is a new app that is launching this year that informs you on all the information that you might need on the place you have chosen to park. The motivation for this app came from the developer’s propensity to get parking tickets. The app remembers where you parked, will send you notifications on when your parking meter will expire, and will inform you on any free spaces that are around if you just don’t want to pay for parking to begin with. Right now, the app only supports 20 cities in the US but is still useful even if you don’t live in any of those areas, as it will at least always remover where you parked.

Panna Recipes is a database of recipes and cooking tips. It’s favorably compared to Netflix as the Netflix of cooking apps. From more than 45 top-tier chefs, there are over 400 video recipes that come with detailed shopping lists (of which you can amend for personal tastes) that offer you the ability annotate them as they move through the procedure to add your own notes. It has a built-in shopping list function and the system lets you search through based on personal tastes and dietary concerns. The only drawback is that this app requires a subscription after the first free 30 days of use but if you’re an aspiring chef it may still be a small price to pay. The first 30 days are free and then the subscription costs $39.99 per year.