Sticker Market: Emoji Keyboard

There are a number of emoji keyboards available on the AppStore that offer users different ways to spice up their messages. However none really compare to the free app that I have come across call Sticker Market. You would have to be living under a rock for you not to know what emojis are. It’s a great way to express just how you feel without words.

Sticker Market is a great way to make sure that your messages are never boring. Share just how you’re feeling with animated GIFs that Sticker Market have a huge collection of. The great think about the app is the ability to create your own stickers by taking pictures and then sharing them with friends. There are hundreds of GIFs in the app, something for effectively every mood and situation. So if you’re sad or happy then there probably no better way to show how you feel.

To start using the app you will have to either sign in with Facebook or Google. You can also register with email. Once you sign up you will need to allow full access by going to settings>general>keyboards>add new keyboard and tap on sticker market. After the app have been given full access you will be able to share GIFs in many messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and loads more.

Give up on the boring emoji that the iPhone settings offer and try Sticker Market to make your messages just a bit more exciting. The app is free to download.