Create A Funny Story With Balagan – The New Drinking Game App For Friends!

I grew up in the Harry Potter generation, I loved and read all of the the books and fell head-over-heels with the whole wizarding universe. But once you start dabbling in the world of alcopops and mixing the two – things can get messy. So a few years ago, after too many rounds of King’s Cup at a friends house party, my (loyal) friend was tasked to get me home safely. Now, I was determined that the way back to Bedfordshire was through a solid brick wall and, undeterred as I was that this obstruction was not, in fact, just like platform 9 and ¾, I attempted my run up two more times before my (wonderful, patient) friend managed to convince me to take the garden path home instead. God only knows what would have happened if Balagan, the new drinking game app by developers Drink-O-Tron, was around back then…

Full of cheek, this new app is overly familiar right from the get go. Forget to put your players names in and you’ll get this baiting reminder: “Easy there cowboy… You forgot to enter your names! If you don’t everyone will just be named ‘Player’, which seems cool, but is just confusing… If you’re cool with that then go ahead and press ‘Play’ again you weirdo.”

Weirdo or no, you’ll have to make sure that you’re pretty comfortable the party crowd you’ve drawn around you ’cause the questions and tasks don’t get any easier from here. Answer cringey questions like: ‘Fuck marry or kill. Choose from everyone playing’ and ‘Everyone sexier than Peter drinks’ or perform degrading tasks like: ‘Hula dance off between Arnold and Brenda. Loser drinks!’ and ‘Hands up! Sophie, keep your hands up for the next 5 minutes’.

Balagan is free to download from the App Store and comes already packed with ‘random’, ‘action’ and ‘drinking rounds. However if you want to beef up your arsenal then you can pay $0.99 for ‘never have I ever’, ‘truth or dare’, ‘categories’, ‘would you rather’, ‘rule master’, ‘pop culture’, ‘karaoke’, ‘conversation starters’ and ‘who’s this?’ rounds. If you’d like access to the full show then you can pay a one-off fee of $3.99.

So, if you’re ready to tear down some (emotional) walls with friends and let loose then download Balagan for free from the App Store today!