Test Your Lucky Streak And Win the Jackpot on AiMacau!


Having spent a considerable amount of my younger years trawling the various enticing casinos on the Vegas strip, when I read about AiMacau – the new free release from games developer SOA Games – I was instantly intrigued. Given that I no longer have the stamina – nor the cashflow – for any more all nighters in the Palazzo, I needed something to quench my thirst for the thrill of the win and AiMacau satisfies that.

AiMacau is essentially an entire casino that fits nicely in your pocket. Any game that you could find in Vegas, you’ll find here. We’re talking blackjack, roulette wheels, poker and tonnes of other casino games – not to mention the ever tempting jackpot. If you’re a little bit more addicted to card games than you may care to admit, this is the app for you. It’s a great little companion to have when you’re bored on your commute, killing time between appointments or winding down before bed. As it’s just a simulation gambling app, you’ll get all the thrill of a casino without the crippling debt that comes with it.

Having become slightly obsessed with the game, I enlisted some of my friends to join me on the multiplayer platform to give it a more sociable feel. Thankfully, as I have had much more practice than them, I am consistently smashing all of their scores and thusly gaining immeasurable bragging rights within the group.

Speaking of scores, if you get bored of simply beating your friends at the poker table there’s also a daily leaderboard for all the players on AiMacau. You can throw whatever name you want up there – I go for RouletteKiller13 – and watch it slide up the rankings as you hone your skills on the various games.

As you’re not confined to just playing one casino game on the app it’s tough to get bored of it. I like to start my day off with a little roulette – nothing too taxing but still a lot of fun – then hit up some blackjack, then some ultra-competitive poker before finally rounding off my day with a crack at the jackpot. Your daily allowance of free coins means you always have a coin or two in your stash to win big with once you know what you’re doing.

Playability aside, this app also looks pretty great. The graphics are colourful and stunning and you’ll be pretty amazed that so much artistic talent went into making it. It’s a small but very classy touch and doesn’t go unappreciated from my end.

To win big, get those lucky hands on over to Google Play and download AiMacau for free!