Alakazu – Ecological Way to Recycle Unused Toys

Is your home overwhelmed with kid-clutter? Do you have toys in every nook and cranny of the basement, the garage, and the kids’ bedrooms? It might be time to thin out what your children own, especially the items that are no longer seeing use. You may think donating everything is the best way to rid your clutter, but if you have items in great shape, you could earn some cash for them. We’ve been searching the App Store in order to find a handy utility and discovered Alakazu.

What is Alakazu?

This is an extremely helpful app for all parents and children out there. It works pretty simple – all it does is allows its users from the same city to recycle unused toys in an ecological way. The app requires iOS 8.0 or later, works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and it’s designed with intuitive and neat user interface. Let’s see what exactly it offers!

Standout Features

Alakazu is an incredible utility app that lets you sell, donate, exchange or rent children toys. It offers a great concept that is made to for parents and children that live in the same city to help each other. All you have to do is download the app, create your personal keyword and share your own toy ads. You don’t have to throw away old or unused toys anymore, Alakazu has got you covered! It is one of the most economical and ecological ways to recycle unused toys. All featured toys come from parents just like you, so don’t hesitate – download it for free from the App Store!