3 Surprisingly Addictive iPhone Games

The iPhone has already established itself as the dominant force in smartphone gaming. The reasons for this are simple; developers go where there’s the most money to be made, and also opt for the platform they can most easily develop for. With Android spanning several different hardware variants, and Apple keeping it slick and streamlined with their iPhone series, it’s no wonder the most addictive games right now are premiering on iPhone. Here’s four of the best!

1 – Magikarp Jump

We all know how addictive Pokemon Go is, but would you have guessed that a game about the original 150’s most useless Pokemon, Magikarp, is similarly engaging? Most people wouldn’t, yet that’s exactly what we get with Magikarp Jump, a game where the objective isn’t to evolve your Pokemon (in fact, you don’t want it to evolve, as then it can’t jump), but have them compete in hotly contested jumping contests. Bizarre? Yes. Addictive? Totally.

2 – Monument Valley

There are addictive games, and then there are games that’ll send you headfirst into Gamblers Anonymous if you dip your toe in their all-consuming waters. Monument Valley is one such game. Already receiving a lot of hype before it was released on the App Store, Monument Valley is a deadly mix of gorgeous visuals, killer concept and amazing gameplay. Your job is to guide a silent princess through levels of bizarre architecture, which you can manipulate at will. It’s clever, beautiful and serene, all rolled into one simple little package, and is one of the most addictive iPhone games currently available. Luckily, you can’t actually get addicted to it, as there are a finite set of levels; and you won’t lose any money on it either, besides the $4 entry fee.

3 – Tap My Katamari

Another delight from the shores of Japan, idle-clicker Tap My Katamari has been enthralling smartphone gamers with its lovable graphics and catchy theme music. Basically the Katamari is an all-powerful ball that can make things stick to it. You start in a house, where you pick up small, everyday items (like unsuspecting hamsters), but soon progress to amassing ginormous amounts of stuff and eventually growing into a star. It is, as they say, a fine day to tap your Katamari (whatever that may be).

Patrick Ryan
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