Evonite – Save the Universe & Become the Ultimate Hero

Exploration is one of the main facets of video games, especially modern ones, that take games well beyond the territory of Pong and Super Mario Bros. and invite them to immerse themselves within worlds fantastic.

Well beyond completing mission objectives and furthering the storyline, games that offer exploration as a choice allow players to fully immerse themselves within these virtual environments, discovering facets of the game that otherwise elude players who’d choose instead to breeze through the story for the sake of finishing the game. That’s why we’ve searched the App Store and we’re presenting to you today one of the coolest adventure games that let you explore the universe – Evonite.

What is Evonite?

It is an original and challenging iOS game that lets you explore the universe and become the ultimate hero. Brought to both iPhone and iPad users by Blue River Arts, Evonite is designed with stunning HD graphics and 3D visuals, engaging sounds and effects, and intuitive touch screen controls. But let’s talk more about its gameplay.

Gameplay & Features

The story behind Evonite’s gameplay is pretty interesting. You, as a main player, are tasked with saving the Sun and preventing the universe from going down. You will have 2 guides to help you on your way, 5 different vehicles to choose from and 4 awesome heroes to play with, all created with different specializations and abilities. You will have to face dangerous challenges, explore amazing planets, drive through trails and chain gravity spots, complete quests and everything else in order to find the Evonite stones and save the universe.

Do you have what it takes? Choose the endless mode or play through 100 different campaign tracks, have hours of fun by downloading Evonite for free from the App Store!