How Augmented Reality has Influenced the Online Gaming Landscape

Many people enjoy a variety of games online, including Role Playing Games, or RPG, like World of Warcraft, and real money casino games that allow players to have some fun. The reason this activity is this popular is because it is incredibly easy to do: our smartphones are always with us, and doing something other than social network checks and keeping up to date with work-related emails is something we all enjoy. The games we play by means of our smartphones do, however, lose something in their translation to the virtual world –there is no atmosphere, and we are essentially operating completely alone as we make our way to the end of the game.

Augmented Reality, or AR, gaming, however, is to change this. Playing AR games will allow you to enjoy them as if you were doing so in real life, and not only will you be able to keep enjoying the benefits of internet-based play, but you will be able to take the real-world advantages with you as well!

AR Set to Revolutionise the World of Gaming

The tech companies which are putting their best minds towards innovating the AR online gaming scene face the challenge of making all the necessary software, and also the networking and hardware that is able to deliver the experience. When it does become more widely available, the way in which we experience the games we love to play will be totally different: we will be plunged into the created landscape, and the auditory and visual experience will make us feel as if it were all actually taking place.

Mobile keno, for example, while as enjoyable as any other real money casino game, would become a totally different one were we able to explore the casino we were enjoying it at, and take in the sights and sounds as we had our fun.

AR Technology for the Man on the Street

AR delivers sensory and visual inputs that enhance online gaming by making use of key pieces of digital content. The AR experience could be likened to the 3D one, albeit a much more immersive one.

From wherever you happen to be playing you will see impressions of the game overlaid on your surroundings. In a card game, for example, you would see the Dealer in front of you 3-dimensionally, and the sounds and lights of a real-world casino would be present in your living room, or wherever you were enjoying the game.

How AR Technology Works

The best thing about AR technology is that it has progressed to the point where it is already affordable for Joe or Jane Average to start enjoying. Your mobile device is of a level of sophistication that more than allows it to translate the software, and the simple turning of your device from right to left, for example, would reveal the additional content the AR technology is making available.

Pokémon Go was the first real AR game that found mainstream success, and its ripple effect is still being felt today.