Mobile Gaming Apps for Android

Android games are those that have been optimised to be compatible with the Android OS. Devices powered by this OS are some of the most popular at the moment, and many game developers are aware of this and are hard at work making more types and titles available on a regular basis.

Up until quite recently, the only way you could enjoy your favourite games would have been by means of your desktop or laptop computer, but, thanks to the massive advances in mobile technology, we are more and more able to turn to our smartphones and tablets in order to play a quick game. These allow you to start having fun from wherever you may be, and are not as intrusive as those which are formatted for bigger, more stationary devices.

The Different Types of Mobile Apps Available for Android

There are 3 different types of mobile applications which Android users are able to make use of:

  1. Native Apps

Native applications live on the device itself, and can be accessed by means of the icons appearing on the home screen. These applications are installed from a store which provides them, like Google Play or the Apple App Store, and they have been developed for 1 platform, which takes into the account the exact specifications of the device’s unique features. Many online pokies NZ applications can be grouped under this heading.

  1. Mobile Web Apps

Web applications are not real apps, they are actually sites that, in all the most important ways, behave like Native Apps do. They are not, however, implemented as such. Mobile Web Apps run by means of a browser, and are generally written in HTML5. You would access them as you would any other kind of web page, by navigating to a particular URL, and then choosing whether to “install” them on your home screen by generating a bookmark that would take you to that page when you next wanted to pay it a visit.

  1. Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Applications are made up of both Native and Web App features, and, because of this, are often incorrectly referred to as Web Apps. Similarly to Native applications, they live in an App store and can take advantage of the multiple device features which are available, and, like Web Apps, they rely on HTML being rendered in your browser, with the requirement that the browser is embedded within the App.

What Makes Mobile Apps for Android So Unique?

The unique innovation of mobile applications for Android devices is that they are open source, which means that the software denoting the original source code is available freely, and it is thus possible for anyone to redistribute it as they wish to, or apply modifications to it as they would like to. Software developers who support this concept do so because they believe that, thanks to the fact that anyone who is interested can make modifications to the source code, the App will become more useful to a wider amount of people error-free over time.