10 Best Free Mobile Wallet Apps & UPI Apps in India: 2017

In today’s digital world where everything had been digitised to an extent, payments in India still take a conventional way but it’s changing now. Since demonetization more and more entrepreneurs are using payment gateway and mobile apps. The mobile apps have resurfaced a little after this incident in India you can download it from play store or IOS store. So, we have compiled a list of these mobile payment apps which are used in India. The mobile payment apps are arranged in chronological order with its security and reliability.

  1. BHIM Mobile Payment App: BHIM app was one of the government launched app. It had been developed by the national payment corporation of India. BHIM can be said as one of the most secured mobile payment app of India. It has a unique 3-way authentication system like no other app or mobile wallet.


  1. UPI app: UPI was also an Indian government app and its launched to give a boost to cashless mobile payments. It is quite much same in operation as BHIM app and is also known for its safety, security and reliability. The UPI is a mobile payment platform and is associated with its UPI app you can link it to your internet bank account.


  1. PayPal: PayPal is one of the oldest and trustworthy mobile payment app. You can transfer money with it to any place of the world. It is not only confined to India. You can link your Bank account to PayPal id for smooth operations. Many of the big enterprises and companies use PayPal as a standard transactions due to its ease of use and security. PayPal can be easily downloaded by play store or IOS store or you can check https://www.paypal.com/


  1. Paytm:– Paytm can be said as one of the best and advanced mobile payments which is available there for transactions. It is one of the most used mobile payment app of india and has more than 2 million users. The paytm app provides you with an option to merge your bank accounts with your paytm wallet. It provides you special feature using mobile number as a primary key for money exchange. It gives you a very easy to use option to transfer money from one phone number to other if it is registered with paytm.


  1. SBI Buddy: SBI Buddy is also a very good mobile app which provide you numerous options like send money, transfer money and various other things. It is not necessary for you to have a SBI account in order to use it as you can add money from various banks and debit cards which are supported by it. Then you can use money for transfer or exchange.


  1. MobiKwik: it is not only a app but a complete mobile payment system which provide easy to use and accessible features. You just have to register which is very simple by your mobile number and then ready to go. After registration add money and you are good to go for purchases transactions and other stuffs.


  1. Oxigen Wallet: Oxigen wallet provide you simple and easy type of method to do mobile payments from your smartphone. It provides you security and reliability and also supports the new QR code feature. It’s easy you just have to register your mobile number like other wallets. It also provides you with an enhanced online shopping experience. The best feature is you receive pay back points.


  1. PhonePe: it is designed by flipkart one of the biggest online shopping giant of India. It works on the UPI system and can be used to do speedy transfer of money from one account to another. This mobile apps creates VPA (virtual payment address) which is used as an identifier to transfer money between accounts.
  2. Chillr: it is a new mobile app works it supports more than 30 banks of India. Its main feature is instantly transfer of money and its pretty much same like other apps Chillr works on UPI architecture.


  1. Citrus Wallet: citrus is quite much like other wallets it’s quite new and provides few cashback promotional schemes. You can easily send money to your bank account by using Citrus.

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