5 Best Apps for Small-Business Owners in 2017

Running small business is not everyone’s cup of tea as it involves doing many chores like wearing a lot of hats. If you own a small business you are consistently trying to make your business large and relentlessly working to increase its productivity and employees. So, as to make your life easier, you need good apps which can assist you doing tasks.

To do various tasks which are associated with different business levels and organization you need to find some very good apps from the sea of apps. Today, we will discuss best 5 apps for business.

Quick Books:  QuickBooks is an accounting software which assist you to run your business seamlessly as it manages all your business financial health. This particular app enables you to keep track of sales and expenses happening in your business. This is shown in form of a financial statement. The statement contains other reports in it like profit and loss reports helps you to keep tabs on growth of your company.

It makes easy for you to pay your employees and vendors as it helps you to track unpaid invoices and can do a lot more than this. It can be connected to many accounts which include your bank account, PayPal, credit cards, square and other services and sync data from it pretty easily and in a secured way. It also gets in handy to pay your taxes. It tracks your expenditure and provides you the option to take screenshot of the receipts with your phone.

It has a QuickBooks Online feature which enables you to access its cloud feature from anywhere irrespective of platform whether iPad or android phone. The plans range from $10 to $24 for the first six months and $ 13 to $40 per month. It also provides you a 30-day trial version to check it feasibility with your business.

Fuze: Fuze is one of the best video conferencing app that enables you to host an online meeting it supports all the devices and different operating system. It has a new improved version for iPad and tablets devices. It provides you with high quality real time rendering options so your video could be vivid and clearer. It’s quite much easy to set up and almost free to download. However small business has to pay some of the price for custom enables services.

Clear: Clear is a one of the time management app which is usually worked with gesture it’s known for the ease of use. You can easily do things with just flicks and gestures in it like adjusting item by simply moving them or pinching them and then sliding it to the place where you want. You can create various lists in it of different tasks and can manage them concurrently. The tasks can be easily synced between various devices which add to its benefits. It supports quite a lot number of devices among your Mac desktop, iPhone and other devices. It has a price of $4.99 for any iOS device and $9.99 for desktop and other devices.

Expensify: Expensify helps you to keep track of your expenses in a lot easy way that it would become a soothing experience for you to manage your expenses. It provides you option to link your credit or debit cards or your internet banking account to Expensify account. The app will directly takes money from bank accounts if they don’t have balance with your permission and generate an expense report. It provides you with the option to take pictures of the various receipts paid which can be sent for acknowledgement. Expensify cost $5 per month for per active account and $9 per month for corporate users.

Boxmeup: It’s a free android app, Boxmeup helps you to organise and track your business packages or containers. It enables you to print various QR labels for logistics, which can be scanned for the proper list of items which are inside the container at any point of time. There’s no iPhone app, however you can access Boxmeup’s mobile website from any phone. It supports all the devices all you need to have is just active internet data pack or Wi-Fi.

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