Make Fashion Nightmares A Thing Of The Past With Outfit Gurus

I am not a decisive person – there I admitted it. Being forced to make a choice, especially of a sartorial nature, is something that sends me into a cold sweat. Unfortunately, as I am only human and humans simply must wear clothes I am routinely forced to think about matching colors, appropriate footwear and damn dress codes. This is where the new love of my life comes in, in the form of the new Outfit Gurus app – the fashionable brainchild of Daniela Nunan, all round stylish woman and lifesaver.

For the couture-challenged like myself, Outfit Gurus takes out the stress (and potential embarrassment) from choosing an outfit for an upcoming event. It does this by creating a virtual closet and allowing fashion advisors take a peek who then send wave after wave of stunning outfit choices directly to your inbox.

Uploading your wardrobe is simple, you just take pictures of each item of clothing you have (and are not too embarrassed to put on show) and upload them to the app’s ‘My Closet’ section. You’ll be asked to categorize your clothes depending on what they are i.e. skirts, shorts, tops, dress etc. This makes a lovely little virtual wardrobe for the fashion fairies on the app to choose from.

The next step in this lifesaving process is sending out your ‘Need Advice’ SOS message. You enter the type of event you’re going to, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, what date and time it’s on at and it’s location before sending it out into the ether. A cool thing about the location feature is that it updates to tell you what the weather is going to be like where you are at the time of your event. This is seriously handy for me as the weather where I live can be unpredictable at best.

A short while after you’ve sent out your request your inbox will start to fill up with outfit suggestions from other users on the app. Sure, some of the things you get suggested can be a bit nuts, but the good suggestions are well worth overlooking the odd bit of trash that comes through.

Forget your fashion woes by heading to the App Store or Google Play and download Outfit Gurus for free today!