EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review

There are times when we may accidentally delete files that we think we don’t need. If this happens to you then don’t fret because thanks to software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard you can retrieve those seemingly lost forever files. This excellent file recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac OS platforms. The nice thing about using this software is that downloading the software is painless and very easy. After just a minute you should have the exec files downloaded and installed.

Recover deleted files easily

Once the software has been downloaded and installed you can then launch it to help you recover deleted files. The user interface of this software is also very clean as well as minimal. There is no menu bar and instead you simply have to click the icons that are placed on the upper right hand corner to perform whatever function you wish to perform.

Scan options

After launching EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free you will be starting from the HOME window where you can choose to scan different kinds of files. These include graphics, documents, emails, audio files, video files and other files like archived files. Next, choose the location of your hard drive or external drive and then the software will either perform a quick scan or a deep scan.

After clicking the SCAN icon the software performs a routine scan. The scan won’t take much time to complete and it will locate a good number of files for you. If you opt for the DEEP SCAN option then the software locates far more numbers of files for you and the scanning process may take a couple of hours to complete. Once the scanning has been performed you can save the results for use at a later time.

The scanning (including both Quick scan and Deep Scan) tends to take up a lot of CPU time. So, when performing a deep scan try to do so when you have enough time to spare for the scanning to complete. 

Recovery location

Once the scanning process has discovered files, you can then think about recovering the deleted files. To recover files, simply click on the RECOVER icon. Choose a location where you want to store your recovered files and try not to save them on the same drive where they were deleted.

Trial version

While using the trial version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, you are not allowed to recover files. The trial version only allows you to scan for files and discover what files can be recovered. This is a nice feature that allows you to know beforehand what kind of files was discovered by the scan process. If you are satisfied with the results you can then think about using the paid version.

The bottom line is that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free helps us even if we have been careless about deleting our files. This is outstanding free data recovery software that provides you with total peace of mind knowing that you can recover seemingly lost forever files. The nice thing about using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is that it guides you to locate your lost files and recover them with utmost ease. You can use this software to locate files on your laptop or hard drive or even on your SSD or USB. It also does the job when you ask it to recover files on your memory card or digital camera.