Take The Hassle Out Of Scanning With Scanbot

If you’re joining the paperless revolution along with the rest of the modern world, you need to get your hands on Scanbot. Scanbot is a time saving, efficient and simple to use scanning app that easily sets itself apart from its competitors on the market.

Many moons ago, when my office made the conscious decision to ‘go green’ we thought going paperless was an integral part of our new environmental approach. What we didn’t realise was how big a job this was going to be. Our office – like countless others – had over the years accumulated enough paper documents to make even the most tree hugging hippy reassess the need to go paper free.

After 2 technical faults, 3 broken sheet feeders and countless paper jams, we had had enough of our new eco approach and were ready to pack it all in for the good of our sanity. That’s when we discovered Scanbot.

Having already attempted to use other “tried and tested” scanning apps, it’s safe to say we were a little skeptical over whether Scanbot would work or not. After seeing the indisputable quality of our first ever Scanbot scan we were swiftly converted.

Scanbot is so easy to use that even the more *ahem* technologically inept members of our office can master it with ease. The on screen prompts like ‘move closer’ or ‘too dark’ mean that with a little adjustment, we can all make perfect scans every time we use the app.

The scans produced by Scanbot are of exceptional quality – even better than what we ever could have achieved with our old scanner! No smudges, fuzziness or skewed pages, just clear, consistently great scans every single time.

Uploading your newly made scans to the cloud is done with a quick tap of a button – talk about handy! We have yet to find a cloud platform that Scanbot isn’t compatible with meaning that we can save and share important documents with ease.

Ridding our office of the endless piles of documents has been a massive weight off our shoulders, and to be able to do it with such little hassle was especially sweet.

Take the stress out of decluttering by heading to the App Store or Google Play today and downloading Scanbot.