Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone Review

You do just about everything on your iPhone. From checking your bank to adding important notes to snapping photos of love ones. If you lose or break your iPhone it will be like standing in the middle of a dessert. I’ve been there, not to the desert but in a situation where the data on my iPhone have been accidentally deleted. It’s a time I don’t want to experience again. But if I ever have to, then I will be prepared, I have managed to get my hands on a copy of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone. It’s a software that everyone should have on hand just in-case of that terrible scenario.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone is a software to recover lost or deleted messages, notes, Calendar, Voice memo, reminders and much more. You can even recover WhatsApp messages and iCloud files. The software is compatible with every iPhone from 7 plus to iPhone 4. So not to worry if you have an older device. Whether you’re on a Mac or Windows computer you will have a chance to get your data back if it all goes wrong.

Using the software to recover your iPhone data is easy. The steps are simple and you get to have your files back.

  1. Download and install the Stellar software.
  2. Launch the software and you will see the main interface where you have the option to either recover from iPhone, recover from iTunes backup, recover from iCloud backup or import file to iPhone.
  3. Connect you iPhone devices to the system. You can connect multiple devices and software will list all the connected devices.
  4. Click ‘scan device’ and the software will start to gather and analyse the data on your iPhone.
  5. Once the analysing is complete the contents of the device will be listed.
  6. You then choose the file type and see a list of items containing within each file. The deleted items that’s on your device will be shown in red.
  7. Select which file you would like to recover then click save. Choose the location to save to and click ok.

Recovery software is more important now that our devices are carrying just that little bit more than just a list of names and phone numbers of family and friends. So what are you waiting for, make sure you download Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone so you can have it on hand for the worst case scenario.