Rapid Currency Converter is one of the best currency converters for iPhone and iOS devices

If you’re abroad or simply curious, there are some great currency converter apps that can help you figure things out. Whether you’re trying to figure out just how much money to bring on a trip or you’re wondering how your dollar stacks up against the rest of the world’s currencies, we have a great currency converter app that may be of great help to any user called Rapid Currency Converter.

Why it is great?

Rapid currency converter app. enables you to access live exchange rates for every world currency. But it does this fast and convenient. Testing it for the last few days showed great precision and fast updates with the most famous finance websites and banks.

It enables to easily track all your favorite currencies at the same time. Being so convenient it is a perfect travel companion as it works offline too. The neat design interface comes with a handy built-in calculator and fast currency search. You can easily select or deselect any currency of your interest. All you need to do is enter the amount in your base currency and the app will show the amounts instantly.

It is extremely useful for anyone who trades or just wants to know the value changes of the world currencies.

At the end of the day, Rapid currency converter app always keeps you up to date with the currency market prices and helps you make quick decisions. It is a simple currency converter, precise, detailed and very easy to use. If you are looking for a great new iPhone currency converter, go get it for free!