App Review – Simkl Lists: TV, Anime, Movies – TV Show Tracker

Many people complain about missing shows or episodes when new seasons begin each year. Sure, there’s a lot to watch, particularly if you’re using services like VPNs and Netflix (or other methods) to watch shows as they air around the world. But there are lots of apps on iOS that have been made for this very purpose. How to find the perfect app to keep you on track with movies and shows? We’ve found for you a perfect for that purpose. Let’s discuss it.

What is Simkl Lists: TV, Anime, Movies – TV Show Tracker all about?

Awesome entertaining movie tracker app created for IOS users. The purpose of this app is to help you track TV shows, movies and anime to keep track what’s new in the world or simply find your favorite shows and movies. The users are offered to track all kind of anime, TV shows, movies and create custom lists with their favorites. Remember, this is not TV streaming app. Easy to use helpful app, created for show and movie lovers.

Why do we choose it?

If you consider yourself for a movie lover, you love watching tv shows and you hate missing episodes or new released movies, this is the right app for you. The users can track any types of shows, movies or anime and make lists with the things they wish to watch. The app allows the users to find new movies airing in the theaters, find new seasons and episodes of favorite shows, to mark movies and shows and get notifications about them and the users are offered to see full information about series and movies that are interested in.

With the option to receive emails and Facebook alerts about new episodes that aired of your favorite shows, you will never miss another episode again. Download it now from the App Store and don’t forget to visit its official website!