App Review – TipToe

We count on apps for so many things these days, like avoiding traffic, finding dates, and keeping up with our friends.So why don’t more of us use an app for our personal safety? It could be because there are so many personal safety apps available, so we don’t know which one is best for us. Choose an app to alert you for dangerous places and incidents and share the news with people. We’ve found for you a great app – TipToe. Let’s discuss.

What is TipToe?

A great navigation app developed on iOS platform that could help you protect yourself, family and friends. Using this app the users are able to read tips from other users about places that should be avoided or incidents that happened. With this app you can alert friends and family about possible danger in your surroundings, protecting them from danger. Perfect for reporting news you read or see about criminal actions or areas that are dangerous. Spread awareness with one click!

Why do we love it?

This app for iOS users can help you bring attention to possible danger around you. Sharing the news with family and friends will help you spread awareness about problems that concern you. Browsing through this app the users can learn about places that must be avoided because of security issues, notify family and friends about possible danger and making their surroundings safer.

The users can mark suspicious activities with a picture or create three areas of concern. With the option of receiving notifications the users will instantly know if something happens in that areas. Get it now from the App Store!