Nexals: Digital Business and Networking Cards is transforming the trend of paper business cards

Swapping business cards is a time-tested way to make new business contacts. But in the age of the smartphone, it’s a bit old fashioned. It can also be inconvenient — paper business cards are easily lost, and a hassle to manage. And once you receive a business card, inputting that contact information into your digital address book is a time-consuming chore. With your iPhone and the right apps, however, you’ll never have to fuss with business cards again. Here for this review what we have brought for you is an app of the same kind that is available by the name, Nexals: Digital Business and Networking Cards.

What is Nexals: Digital Business and Networking Cards?

Nexals: Digital Business and Networking Cards is a real time contact solution for individuals and businesses. By using this app now, you can design and create your own digital business cards and share with anyone at any time. Nexals: Digital Business and Networking Cards let you create digital cards with significantly more information than paper cards, with details including name, title, company, multiple phones (work, mobile), e-mail and office addresses and social media profiles.

The card can be shared internally using the Nexals platform through unique QR and ID identifiers as well as through a proximity function for users attending conferences and networking events. Nexals also allows users to share their card via e-mail, text amongst others, to connect with individuals not yet on the platform. This app also provides a Card Scan feature, which digitizes paper cards by scanning, converting the image to text and saving the details as a new contact, thereby saving users time, paper and effort.

Presently this app is available free for your iOS platform devices and to utilize its more advanced features you can go for its premium version. You can download it free from the direct download link present at the end of this helping review.

App Store Download Link: Nexals: Digital Business and Networking Cards