Playing Games on Your Smartwatch

Games are not the top feature for an Apple Watch, but there is something about that little screen idling on your arm that makes our fingers itch with wanting to play. Luckily, there is now a greater degree of choice for those who are interested, and killing time with your wearable just got a whole lot more fun.

Lifeline 1 & 2 for Apple Watch

The premise underlying Lifeline is very similar to The Martian, so if you have read or seen it you will feel right at home. The concept is that of a trapped astronaut, Taylor, who has had to crash-land on an unfamiliar planet. Your job is to communicate with the enigmatic Taylor, and help him survive.

This game mimics a Tamagotchi one from yesteryear, but the connection you end up making with Taylor feels far more meaningful. Each decision that you make will either serve to kill him, or help him get back to Earth alive.

The story was written by Dave Justus, and it plays out in real time. Lifeline 2 has a tale doubled in length, and it revolves around a woman, Arika, and her mission to avenge her parents.

If you like these two games make sure and check out Lifeline: Silent Night as well. The game is available for purchase at iTunes.

Test Your General Knowledge with Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack asks you to prove your mettle against players situated all over the globe in a battle of general knowledge. You will be taking on opponents with questions from six diverse categories, and need to get all the characters in order to win. With the OS3 watch, you don’t even need your iPhone to play either, and it is available at the Apple Watch store for free.

It may feel good to take a break from the top real money pokies NZ has to offer once in awhile and make sure your brain is still in top form!

Run for Your Life with Runeblade

Runeblade is one of the most all-inclusive Apple Watch games around, and will transport you into a fantasy RPG world in which you need to survive. Your task will be navigating an unsafe world peopled with creatures that you need to fight, spells that you need to acquire, and artefacts that you need to get a hold of. You can grab this game for free on iTunes.

Level Up with Letterpad

This game kick-starts your vocabulary with word searches, with you hunting topic-related words from the nine letters displayed on your Apple Watch screen. You will get 200 initially, and can make and share original puzzles with your friends if you want to as well. Letterpad is available for free at the iTunes store.  

Tamagotchi Classic for Apple Watch

The past is getting a high-tech revamp with great games from yesteryear updated to work on the wearables we use today. You look after your Tamagotchi health and status, get alerts regarding both of these, and can take care of it from your wearable for a low, low price at the iTunes store.