Find the Nearest Zoos & Aquariums with the Zoo Finder App

The days of the Victorian menagerie are over, but modern zoos are much more than a collection of animals and more important than ever. We at iPhoneglance are huge fans of good zoos, and have visited dozens of zoos, aquariums and parks around the world. Zoos protect against a species going extinct, they offer a broad education for both children and adults, they allow researchers to study animals because there is less risk and less variables means real changes can be effected on wild populations with far fewer problems, etc.

What is Zoo Finder?

That’s why we wanted to find an app especially made for all animal lovers out there that own an iPhone or iPad. We’ve scouted through the App Store and finally discovered Zoo Finder! It is an incredible, light, simple and user friendly zoo finder app that can help you find zoos wherever you are, whether in your own state or in a state you’ve traveled to. Let’s see what the app offers.

What Does Zoo Finder Offer?

Zoo Finder can definitely make your family adventures a lot easier and simpler! Everything is organized, states are listed alphabetically, you can find accredited zoos for the state you choose and get useful info about the zoos, such as: name of zoo/aquarium, location, map, website, and phone number. You can also leave comments, rate different zoos and aquariums, bookmark anything you want, check in while you’re there, share them on social media with your friends and family, and so much more!

Stop wasting your time searching for the closest zoos and aquariums, spend more time enjoying yourself! Download Zoo Finder from the App Store and share it with your loved ones.