Wild West Faro – A Faro Card Game for all Ages

There is an old story from the Old West that illustrates what a player was often up against when he tangled with the king of all frontier gambling games – Faro. Born in France, the game came to America in the 1700s. Its name often spelled ‘pharo’ or ‘pharaoh,’ derived from period French playing cards, whose backs sometimes bore the likeness of an Egyptian ruler. Some early faro cards and layouts also displayed a portrait of a Bengal tiger, inspiring such terms as ‘bucking the tiger’ or ‘twisting the tiger’s tail’ to describe playing the game. In later years, a framed tiger portrait hanging outside a gaming house announced the presence of a faro game within.

What is Wild West Faro?

Wild West Faro is one of the best card games developed for the iOS platform. This faro card game app will get you back to the old days in the West when people were sitting in Saloons and gambling on Faro tables. If you like to enjoy it, you can easily download it and play it on your iPhone or iPad. Plus, the game is designed with polished Faro cards, beautiful HD graphics, smooth touch screen controls and fun sounds and effects.

Why We Love It?

The Faro card game originates from the early card backs and it is well-known as “bucking the tiger” and “twisting the tiger’s tail”. Wild West Faro features the classic rules and objectives. As a player, you’re able to put bets on a card or cards of your choice. When the dealer exposes the cards in pairs, you will see if you have to pay out or collect your money. Place different bets from $1 to $1 million, cheat, break the bank and have hours of fun!

With challenging classic Faro card gameplay, game stats and bonuses, this game app can be downloaded from the App Store. Get it today and share it with your friends!

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