A Fun Way to Share Information with Your Friends – OverHere – Location. Messaging. Social.

Let’s face it, our most used PCs are smartphones. As our dependence on mobile technology grows, so does the need for constant and instant communication with our family, friends, and even work colleagues. There are many apps help users find the best way to message other people. But why not use an app for this purpose that will give you the chance to create more entertaining way of messaging? How to find the right app for this? We searched and we discovered one amazing app for this. Let’s discuss it.

What is OverHere – Location. Messaging. Social.?

This app is social networking app developed on the iOS platform. This app is easy to use and simply created, giving the users a whole new messaging experience. Based on locations, this app gives many fun ways to message your friends, followers, and everyone else you want. The users can get reminders for memories without looking for them. Also, the users can use the locations to link them with tasks so they never forget another to-do task.

Why do we love it?

This app is more than just an ordinary location based app. Suitable for all people that want to find more fun way of messaging and link locations with memories and tasks. The app allows the users to do location based messaging, to see specific messages only at particular locations, to link locations with memories and don’t lose time searching for them, link specific to-do tasks with locations and get reminders for those tasks, and to explore many places around them at the time.

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