Zombie.io Madness – An Awesome Zombie Shooter Game

Zombie games are very exciting and they stand for their own category just like racing or strategy games. Zombies come in all shapes, sizes, and speeds, and they show varying levels of decomposition, but they have at least two things in common: their devotion to eating human flesh and the fact that they have found their way to iPhones and iPads. If you consider yourself a zombie fan with half a delicious brain and a mouthwatering heartbeat, getting these games should be a priority for you. Here’s our selection of a zombie shooter game for iPhone and iPad – Zombie.io Madness.

What is Zombie.io Madness all about?

Settle down and prepare your best shooter skills to kill the awful zombies and save the humanity from the zombie apocalypse! This is one of the best action shooter game that lets you play with your friends online. You can challenge your friends and try stay alive as long as you can. Kill as many zombies, defeat your enemies and upgrade your fighting skills!

How to Play?

Zombie.io Madness is an online zombie shooter with an addictive and fast gameplay. You can either host or join a game, raise your skills and make your own high scores! With a global game leaderboard and on-screen dual stick controller, this gameplay will definitely glue your hands to your device! This game provides you with a mini map, ping meter and various gamer skills like: Player Speed, Health Regen, Max Health, Bullet Speed, Fire Rate, Damage.

Team up with other gamers on the game’s regional servers and kill the dead. Have hours of fun by downloading this cool game for free from the App Store!