Flirtmoji the Emoji Keyboard that you Should have for Thos Flirtatious Moments

Slowly and slowly it seems like that the way we write text messages or social media post is not with words but with emoticons. Words seem to have become obsolete nowadays and you can even pick get emoticon dictionaries to explain what the emoji means. There are a number of emoji keyboards present on the AppStore but I do not think there are any that are unique to a particular conversation or event. Regardless of what people say, everyone flirts but it depends on how far you go with that flirting then it can truly be harmless fun.

If it’s harmless fun you’re after when you flirt then why not try the Flirtmoji keyboard app. The developers state that Flirtmoji Keyboard is an emoji keyboard that empowers lovers to communicate their desires and flirtations. But to be honest it’s for anyone that have that flirtatious way about them. It’s prefect for the single person who is looking for love and don’t know what words to say but want to get straight to the point. With over 150+ Flirtmoji you won’t run out what to say. The emojis can be romantic, sweet or if you want you can drop some sexy innuendos in. You would just have to make sure the person you sending it to appreciate it because you wouldn’t want to get in trouble.


* Flirtmoji Keyboard comes with 45 FREE Flirtmojis.
* More Flirtmojis are available for purchase.
* We’re cooking up new Flirtmojis all the time! Stay tuned.
* Allow push notifications to receive updates about new packs.
* Purchases on other platforms where Flirtmoji is offered are not redeemable in the Flirtmoji Keyboard for iOS.

The app is free and easy to use. Once installed you have two options, Install as Sticker In Messages or Install as a keyboard extension. Both are easy to do to install as sticker you have to go to messages>stickers>store>manage then switch Flirtmoji on and your set. To install as a keyboard extension, you open settings and navigate to keyboards, add Flirtmoji by tapping add new keyboard, Flirtmoji and then Flirtmoji keyboard, you then tap allow. You will then be able to access Flirtmoji from the iOS keyboard so you will be able to use it in whatever message app you want.

Like I mentioned the app is free. Found it fun to use while messaging my wife. Have a go and see what you think, it will be good fun.