Apple iOS or Android – Which One is Better for you? Read and Compare!

The rivalry between Apple iOS and Android has been the biggest one in the mobile world ever since their inception a decade ago. With great sale numbers, both have been making huge in their respective markets. But there are still a few areas where Apple iOS is the best way to go. There are no doubts to how much people love their iPhones and the operating system, there are some primary reasons to this. Let’s refer to some of the main reasons of the disparity:

#1 Performance

The performance of Apple iOS is one of the main things that make hit in the market despite of the huge price tag of its devices. Performance of an iOS device doesn’t fade away with time, as it the case with Android devices. Apple devices may have a low sheet on specs but when compared to Android deices with huge spec sheets, iOS devices are unbeatable. The main reason that contributes to this fact is that Apple makes both its hardware and software itself, optimizing the software for the particular hardware devices.

#2 Design

Well, it is obvious that iOS devices look better than any Android device in the market. With is aesthetic beauty and looks, Apple undoubtedly fetches the tag of the market leader. We can see many similar or even rip off of Apple designs in many Android devices. Some of its best features are the round home button, the Aluminum Uni-body and more.

#3 Software Updates

Software updates are another plus in Apple iOS. Android devices, even some latest ones still come with Android Lollipop 5.1, while all the iOS devices hit the market with the latest softwares. Updates in Android take months to reach its devices. Let’s refer to some stats: If an Android device is 1.5-2 years old, you may need to wait for a new smartphone to get the latest update, while in Apple, you can get updates on devices as old as 3-4 years.

Presently, Apple offers iOS 9 on iPhone 4s, but there is probably no Android version to support a phone that old.

#4 Apple Ecosystem

If you own two or three apple devices, your information can smoothly flow from one device to another. This flow or the exchange of information is known as the Ecosystem. Answering phone calls on other devices, syncing photos to all your devices, sending text messages from your other devices are some of the bonuses of owning the complete lineup.

There is also a support for Handoff, which allows you to start a task on your iPhone and continue it on an iPad or Mac. The overall connectivity between these devices is something that Android devices don’t match yet.

#5 Clean and Easy UI

One of the best features about any iOS device is its clean and simple user interface or UI that resembles too many real world objects which makes it extremely easy even for an elderly person to get acquainted with the device within minutes. The layout is simple, with everything given a clear symbol and name, such as Settings or Camera. The same interface on iPads as well adds to the user-friendliness that makes Apple so popular. However, there is no App drawer or file manager, both of which are among the best things about android. All images you shoot with camera remains in the gallery app and images sent to instant messaging apps remain with it. This process is less cumbersome in a certain perspective.

#6 App Development

Developers are certainly quicker to publish apps on iOS than on Android. Let’s take an example of the Face Swap Live. When iOS launched this application, Android too got it in the making. Now, a year past, the fad has had its course, but the Android version is still in the works.

There are several different reasons for this, and nothing is likely to change. First, studies show that iOS users spend more on applications than Android, so there’s definitely a financial reason. Second, android devices come with thousands of unique display sizes, resulting in lots of extra work to ensure that the applications are compatible with every device. Lastly, iOS’s coding language is contemporary and flexible than that used in Android. Android has been in an enduring lawsuit of using Java, restricting its growth.

The Verdict:

Closing on the iOS vs. Android debate – as compared to Apple’s quality experience in a closed environment, Android can be clinched as a flawed and fragmented operating system.

When referring to the lifestyle or to the political philosophy, Android is any day hard to beat. But then ‘If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone.’ So, if you are on an outlook of a safe, easy and reliable and luxuriously designed operating system, then Apple iOS is the ultimate answer.


Author Bio: The article is contributed by Jeremy Hill who is associated with as an editor. JemJem is top online retailer of refurbished apple devices in the USA. He enjoys creating, uncovering and disseminating new and interesting perspectives on technology and mobile phones.