What to do Before Going to a iPhone Screen Repair near you

Have you heard numerous stories of how people were clumsy while handling their phones and ended up needing to fix a certain part or having to replace it entirely? Sure, they make up for funny anecdotes but you certainly wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

Until one day, you’re running to catch the bus that’s already started to steer away from the bus stop. While you’re running and waving your hands in hope the bus driver will take pity on you and stop, you feel your iPhone slipping away from your back pocket. Then the slow motion kicks in. You touch your back pocket but nothing is there. You turn around and look at the ground. There it is. Face down. You’re dreading having to pick it up and look at the front. But you do it and find your iPhone screen cracked to bits and pieces. Oh, the horror.

What to do now? Before swamping the pedestrians with questions like ‘Where is the closest iPhone screen repair near me?’ or ‘Where can I find the closest iPhone Repair Specialist?’, here’s what you should do.   

First things first

Before running off to a repair shop, inspect your phone. See if it’s still working. If it’s working make sure to backup your device (if you haven’t done that already) since there’s a good chance your screen will not be functional for much longer. Plus, you never know what other damage the fall might have caused.

To backup to iCloud, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup (iOS 7) or Backup(iOS 8) and press “Backup Now“.

An iPhone screen repairman can replace your screen, but he or she certainly won’t be able to replace all those precious photos and memories.

In the Meantime

Don’t go rushing into buying a new phone while you’re waiting for your phone screen to be fixed but don’t go without a phone during that time either. See if your family or friends have an extra phone you could borrow that’ll keep you connected. There’s no reason why your social media accounts need to be inactive just because you couldn’t wait for another bus.

Do You have Warranty?

If you’re still under AppleCare and have warranty, check if a broken screen is covered by that warranty. If so, Apple will replace your device for a reasonable price.  

Do Not DIY

Don’t by any chance try to replace the screen yourself. Apple created the battery without a protective shell to save room inside. Because of this, if you puncture the lithium-lon battery, it will burst into flames. You could cause a fire and injure yourself. Now, that won’t make for a funny anecdote.

Get Qualified Help

Don’t make any haste decisions as to where you’ll fix your broken screen. Do some online research on iPhone screen repair service providers, read their reviews from people who have used their services or ask for recommendations from those friends whose phone mishap anecdotes you’ve been hearing so much about.

After careful consideration, take you broken phone for inspection to get an estimate on how long will the repair take and how much it will cost.

Precautionary Measures

Once the repairmen has fixed your iPhone screen, think about protecting it to avoid future distress. Add a glass screen protector from companies which guarantee that if your screen breaks while their product is protecting it, they’ll replace your screen.

Funny anecdotes but you certainly wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. –Preventing these kinds of accidents in the first place is where you should focus your attention. Even protectors for your 42mm iWatches will save you the dread of cracked screens. A problem that most tech-owners always have in the back of their heads!–