MovieMates – Find a Date, Buy Tickets & Go Out

Ever wondered how that would be like to go to movies completely… alone? Yeah, that might be fun like once, but it’s way better with a friend. Wait, what if you’ve planned to watch THAT exact movie you’ve been looking forward to watch for months, and all of your friends were unavailable? Why not try going to cinema with a stranger you met online that also is obsessed to watch THAT movie? Sounds extreme, but THAT single movie might get you a new friend or even greatly change your life. Let me tell you more about MovieMates – Find a Date, Buy Tickets & Go Out – MovieMates Inc. 


California. It’s a typical summer day. Our friend Andrew keeps telling us about this great movie that he wants to watch tonight. Sadly, no one can make it tonight. Our mutual friend Sarah had lots of work to do and I just was in no mood for movies. That’s when it hit me. BOOM! Several months of searching for a team and developing the app, and here we are.


MovieMates is your ticket not only to a good company (which you pick), but also an intersting discusion afterwards. Admit it, sometimes you just feel like sharing your emotions and talking on the brightest movie scenes right after you saw it. And if it’s in fact a first date, you will definitely have a topic for discussion. And GUESS WHAT! MovieMates is absolutely FREE. No extra $ for upgrading your profile or changing the subscription etc. Moreover, you will be able to find showtimes, trailers, movie descriptions, browse and chat with Mates, and then conveniently buy movie tickets.


Nowadays it’s all about user-friendly interface. It’s nice and easy. You see a list a films coming out recentlty together with the movie theatres near you. Just tick “Interested”. No need to wait until you ‘match’ with somebody. You can look through list of people who’ re interested in the same movie. That’s it. Now it’s up to you.