Speech Central App Review

Speech Central is a versatile text to speech app with one unique feature – hands free browsing of the internet. This feature is based on using of the headphone or Bluetooth hands-free buttons (stock iPhone headphones have those), pressing them can schedule the reading of the last announced article while headlines from the web site are read.

This is just one of dozens of functions that can be assigned to those buttons (other functions include shuffling the speed of speech, various ways of navigating through the text and playlist, activating annotation tools like marking current paragraph as bookmarked or current text as favorite, etc). Those feature are great for improving your productivity as you can perform your complete news reading off the screen and do it while performing another activity that you do anyway (like commuting, walking, running, doing housework etc). But those features also come handy to people with various disabilities as they may find them as a much faster and convenient way to access the content than other alternatives.

The app enables many other apps to speak, as it can be invoked by sharing of the link from various apps that supports this feature (including Safari and other browsers, Twitter, most of RSS feed readers etc). The share menu allows for the article to be read immediately or to be added to the playlist for reading later.

The app can  import various file formats that include frequently used e-book formats (most notably .epub but also several other formats) and document formats (most notably Microsoft Word .docx files). The e-books are divided into the chapters for easier navigation.

As the app is free for the casual use (you can add 2 news articles every day and unlimited number of web sites), it is definitely worth to try how this way of accessing the content fits into your lifestyle.