Foor – A Dr. Mario Inspired Puzzle Game

Foor is developed by a new game studio called aHi Labs from İstanbul. It is a different type of puzzle game about making 4s and destroying special blocks. It combines traditional block placing system with unique mechanics. Players have to combine at least 4 matching color blocks in line vertically or horizontally to eliminate special blocks. As the game progresses, more special blocks emerge. Destroying special blocks gives points and coins, which can be used to unlock different themes.

Foor has a beautiful minimalist design and an addictive gameplay. It is an endless puzzle game with no levels, no life or timelimits. Players can collect coins by destroying special blocks and unlock 4 different themes
with those coins which are beautifully designed and so much fun to play with. Also players can spend their coins to change their current blocks with new blocks inside the game.
Foor supports 9 languages including English, Portugese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean and Turkish. The 4 different theme names are Piggy, Oysteroid, Pirates and Snowy. In Piggy theme the special blocks turn into tiny little piggies, In Oysteroid theme the special blocks turn into oysters, in Pirates theme the special blocks turn into treasure chests and in Snowy theme the special blocks turn into snowflakes. Colors of the blocks also changes additinonal to the special block design change which alltogether presents a much different atmosphere comparing to the main theme!
The special blocks emerge in waves. In the beginning of the game there are only 3 special blocks to destroy, as the game progresses the special blocks increase up to 12 which makes the gameplay challenging. Since the blocks come with waves, players need to think and prepare for the next wave all the time and keep the game board clean at all times.
Last but not least, Foor allows you to share your score with your friends on game end screen and uses Google Play Services leaderboard to compete with your friends.
aHi Labs believes that the gameplay of Foor is a unique alternate in the endless puzzle genre and it will reach out to millions of users.