Where did my apps go?

Have you started to notice some of your apps on your devices are disappearing? With the new changes to the AppStore requirements Apple is purging apps which have not been brought up to date to work on their more currency iOS platforms.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Let’s examine the pros and cons of Apple’s new policy.

Pro side: If you are a developer who is trying to find a foothold in a segment, but the app is get drowned out by old and non functioning apps, this is a positive. If you are watching the ratings and don’t quite understand how an app which hasn’t been updated in a million years has a higher placement in the category it’s joyful to see these apps disappear. It means maybe your app which you have kept updated and current might get a little recognition from the AppStore and rankings. Now Apple did reach out to the developers who haven’t updated their apps and gave them a window to update before their stale app is removed, so it wasn’t done arbitrarily and unannounced. Also to note from the developer standpoint  that if you have an app which is underperforming it can be a blessing in disguise. The old app is quietly removed and you don’t have to worry about spending more money on a lost cause.  If your app does have a good foothold perhaps by getting some of the clutter reduced it may even gain more stem.

Con side:  The user who has used these older apps now have to go seek something which does like functions but can’t find one. The user might also have an older device where the app worked just fine. So as a user is Apple forcing their customers to update devices? It’s a great marketing strategy, but when will it end? I have also heard some of the apps which have been updated have sent the user a re compensation notice, so basically for the app to be updated the user  then has to basically repurchase an app you have already used. As a user who was told you only have to buy the app once this is a little frustrating. If you do encounter this repayment on one of your apps just go into the AppStore and ask for a refund, which Apple is giving readily. An updated app is not giving new features as an in-app-purchase so apply for the reimbursement. Apple has also said to the user that if there is an app which you love to use, but the developer hasn’t updated to the newer platforms, reach out to them to tell them. They might take the encouragement of the user to update the UI to not be sent to the stockpile of dead apps.

The AppStore’s new policy makes them quite fluid. Apple has realised that it’s almost impossible to search through a million plus apps and if there is a way to give their users a more concise way of presenting apps to their user base the change is a good thing. It might take the user and the developer a minute or so to get used to the new changes, but technology is to always keep going forward.