Markup Magic Profit Calculator – Simple & Practical Finance App

If you’re like most people, you check your smartphone at least 50 times a day – looking at everything from text messages and work emails to weather alerts and box scores. But as many have discovered, your smartphone can help you keep tabs on your finances. So why not use an app that could help you manage costs of your business and make it more profitable? We looked and we discovered one amazing app for this purpose. Let’s discuss about it.
What is Markup Magic Profit Calculator?

Markup Magic Profit Calculator is an amazing finance app developed on the IOS platform to assist users for more than a simple profit calculator.  No matter if the user owns a small or medium business, or even if the user is a freelancer, this app is giving the users an option to earn from their sales using this highly helpful calculator. The app is certainly offering easy and simple managing the user’s prices of their activities.

Why do we love it?

With the help of this app the users can calculate their markup, percent, profit, expenses, rate, and final analysis of their business or home service. The app works with finding out the cost of the good or service that the user likes to sell, comparing it with monthly expenses, offering cost coverage and markup percentage for the user. The app is taking all the figures, estimating the fair, precise and complete markup, placing it on the user’s goods and services. Offering detailed pie charts of the expenses so the users sees where their money goes. The users get advices from the app like letting them know how many times they need to sell their goods or services to be profitable and make their business sustainable.

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