WeDo Is The Planning App Of The Future!

We mindlessly do hundreds of tasks throughout our days, some of which are second nature to us and relatively unimportant, whilst others require a certain level of skill and the memory to do them. Water the plants, walk the dog, brush your teeth, drink more water, schedule a dentist appointment, pack for your trip, book a hotel, arrange for a Skype call, make a payment, be ready for your one-o-clock meeting etc. are all examples of the things that we do day-to-day that can be hard to keep track of. WeDo planning app, seamlessly integrates all aspects of your work, social and home life into one handy space that allows you to keep track of your personal responsibilities and also incorporate others into your planning for bigger projects.

WeDo is free to download for both iOS and Android users. It’s easy to use interface allows users to navigate the app like a pro and really utilise all of its many functions. And what functions are they, you ask? Well, strap yourself in and lets get a list going, WeDo will: make sure you’re keeping on top of your new healthy habits by sending gentle reminders, allow you to add/track/complete your to dos instantaneously, set reminders and due dates to keep yourself and others on top of everything that needs to be done, create repetitive tasks that come up often, set subtasks for larger tasks that need to be broken down, add notes and attachments to your to dos and separate family, friends and coworkers into ‘Groups’ so there’s no way to mix up streams.

Where WeDo really comes into its own is in the social collaborative planning and scheduling features which allow users to be made part of the same to-do list and add notes/check things off as and when appropriate. An example of a small scale version of this would be a grocery list between a user and their partner or for a larger plan it could be anything from a holiday with friends to a large scale work project with different subgroups, targets and deadlines.

As mentioned earlier WeDo is completely free to download, however, there is the option to upgrade to WeDo pro which will unlock even more enhanced features to make your day-to-day planning even easier. Subscriptions start from $2.99/month or $17.99 for the whole year. Payments for subscriptions will be deducted from the user’s account automatically until the direct debit is cancelled by the user.

So what are you waiting for? Start making life a breeze with WeDo by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play today!