Rocket Shark is surprisingly beautiful arcade game

The World Wide Web game industry is growing rapidly and now every second game requires an internet connection to play it. Of course, when we are at home there cannot be any problem. However, in public transport or somewhere in the journey, such fun pastime becomes impossible. Someone can download the game just for this purpose – to kill time when a person is on the road. Therefore, we decided to find a game that you can run on your devices even when you are in no internet coverage situation and we ended up with this game, Rocket Shark.

What is Rocket Shark?

Rocket Shark is a free and offline arcade game. If you are, the one who like to play challenging games for their boredom this one is the right choice for you. Rocket Shark offers you an addictive gameplay, which keeps you engaged for hours and you always have the eager to score more and more. Rocket Shark is easy to play. Playing this game is very simple you fly the shark by touching anywhere on the screen and it totally depends upon how good you are at tapping the mobile screen and how good you are at avoiding those hanging spike balls.

Game Highlights

  • It offers simple game controls.
  • Enjoyed 5 different beautifully crafted themed levels
  • It comes up with attractive and cartooned environment.
  • It is for all ages.
  • It comes up with varying level of difficulty
  • Play this game anywhere as it does not require an internet
  • You have the option to share your best scores with your friends.

Rocket Shark is composed of fascinating and cools colors that keep your mind active and attract towards the game. Download it free from the link present at the end for your iOS OS devices.