Campfire – Live Group Video Chat Room: When You Love Hanging Out, But Hate Mosquitos

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that camping sucks. Sure, it sounds romantic; pitching a tent, sleeping under the stars and living off the land, but really it’s bloody uncomfortable, usually too hot/cold/wet and there are blood-sucking insects and killer reptiles literally everywhere. However, sitting around a campfire with friends can be a wicked bonding experience that us outdoor-a-phobes often miss out on. That’s where the new Campfire – Live Group Video Chat Room app by developers Campfire Video Chat & Hangouts (I know, they need to work on the name) comes in.

Campfire – Live Group Video Chat Room (which I’m just gonna call Campfire from now on for ease of use) is a live streaming group chat app that incorporates the best bits of other group chat-type apps that are already out there and puts it together in one neat and colourful package. What are those aspects I hear you ask? Well, lemme tell ya! Campfire uses group chats (like Whatsapp), live-stream chattin’ (like Skype) and cute-as-hell stickers and filters (like SnapChat). Fun, hey?

But what’s the cost? Absolutely nothing! Say it again now, good god! That’s right, this little chatter puppy is totally free – and when I say free – I mean free to download, free from annoying advertorials and free from sneaky in app purchases! Woohoo! Amiright?

The only thing that Campfire will require from its users is their phone number and access to their camera and microphone, which we’ll just go ahead and presume will not be used for nefarious means… It’s a live streaming chat app after all.

So the good news is that all iOS users are covered, the bad is that if you’ve got any mates giving a big ‘do one’ to Apple, then they can’t join the party (yet) – which we’re handily told by the app is “better with friends” – thanks campfire, way to rub my lack of social connection right in my loner face. But it’s true, this app is certainly more for the butterflies among us than the wallflowers and now those that like to have a big old gas bags with their squad 24-7, can do just that.

So what are you still doing here chatterboxes? Jump over to the App Store and get your social fire started pronto!