Gametime Blitz – Fun Game Outcomes & Predictions

Today more and more people are using their smartphones to research, bet or check odds, results and stats. It could be a good idea to tackle what are the best and most useful mobile apps for sports betting. There are many apps for this purpose and finding the right one can be quite confusing. But, we looked and we found one sports app that could help you improve your predictions and win you cash. Let’s discuss it.

What is Gametime Blitz?

Gametime Blitz is a sports app developed for both IOS and android users that is giving more excitement to all sports lovers while they are watching their favourite sports events. The app is providing a way that the users can use to predict outcomes of games and win many cash prizes, improving their game day experience. The app is 100% free prediction game that the users can play live while watching sports games. The contests are including various sports as NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAAF, NHL, and much more for endless prediction fun.

Why do we love it?

This app is easy to use and simple created to help users predict outcomes of games efficiently and precisely, without any effort. The user is involved in contests and every contest ask the user different questions about the game’s outcome he wants to predict. The app is suitable for everyone, doesn’t require much sports knowledge. The users are offered a home version they can play anytime they want or to use the app in a participating bar in their area, joining the game and winning cash prizes. Over 1.000$ of prizes available to winners. On the app can be found a list of participating bars in the user’s area and the app is using geolocation service to verify the user’s location, offering them to sign in to the bar’s contest and compete with other players.

Download the app now the App Store for free.