Coozyn – An Online Vehicle for Lovers of World Cuisine

The wine and dine industry has experienced sort of a renaissance in the past few years, thanks to mobile technologies and the speed, convenience and wide variety of choices they provide. However, this renaissance did not come without a list of new user demands, especially from Millenials. They demand top-notch user experience. They want convenience in terms of user interface, payment, or variety of choices. They want their apps to have a social facet. And — they’d love their apps to have that little extra ‘something’, that ‘secret ingredient’ that’s going to separate it from the rest.

So how did the industry react to these needs and wishes? In style. Below you’ll read of one the best food and drink apps, one that have nailed it in terms of user interface, user experience, usability, and functionality. The app’s called Coozyn!

What is Coozyn?

Coozyn is a global community for all food lovers that own an iPhone or iPad. This fantastic app connects people with delicious destinations, recipes and the people and cultures that inspired them. It is user-friendly, intuitive and offers multiple features for both consumers and chefs.

What does the app offer?

With the Coozyn app, any user can easily browse and find meals from chefs and food locals. Even if you don’t know from where to order, just enter what you like to eat and the app will take care of the rest – chefs and food places will start bidding to cook for you. You can literally order anytime! You will know for sure if the food seller is available or not, and the meal if available or not. Choose to pick up your food or have it delivered in the comfort of your own home. Place your order with few taps only, pay with Apple Pay or Credit Card and don’t forget to save your favorites!

The creators of this amazing app have also brought us Coozyner and Coozyn Pilot. Coozyner is n app especially developed for food sellers and businesses. With this app users can easily include the meals they’re making, add their food brand and let other people place food orders. The Coozyn Pilot app actually helps in delivering orders around your city, so you can use it for making money on your schedule. Whether using your car, on foot, bicycle or public transportation, you can select any of the options and start earning right away. This way you will collaborate with food sellers (from Coozyner app) and start delivering specifically for them.

With smart rating system coming soon and soon to be released on Google Play, Coozyn is now available on the App Store. Get it now for free, check out the app’s official website and enjoy.