The AvaTrade App: What Should Users Expect?

If you have aspirations of being a financial  market trader, it is imperative that you familiarise yourself with modern technology. This is particularly true in instances when you want to crack the forex market and trade currency, as the volatile nature of this space requires you to execute real-time orders wherever possible.

To achieve this, one of your most important steps should be to access a mobile trading apps. These tools are often affiliated with popular online brokerage sites, while they offer traders access to live analytical tools, news rooms and risk management options.

One of the market leaders is the AvaTrade app, and in this post we will review the tool while appraising its core features and benefits.

Access Innovative Learning Tools

One of the key things that first strikes you about the AvaTrade app is its innovative learning tools. Which instantly serve as key differentiators in the marketplace. The most glaring of these is the Sharp Trader website, which is an independent website that offers in-depth tutorials on the process of trading forex and securing returns.

This tools works in conjunction with the AvaTrade app, providing an additional resource through which novice traders can develop their knowledge.

Along with the AvaTrade demo account, this platform provides an excellent opportunity to learn the basics about forex trading and translate this knowledge into practical experience, which can be gradually honed and applied to achieve profits.

Achieve Outstanding Leverage Currency Access

Through the AvaTrade app, you can also access an exceptionally large range of currency pairings while benefiting from superb leverage.

The app included more than 50 major, minor and exotic forex pairs, enabling traders to build a diverse currency portfolio that taps into both established and emerging markets.

Incredibly, you can also access up to 200:1 leverage on specific forex pairs, while accessing viable and agile trading vehicles like spread betting and CFDs. This is important, as it creates flexibility and makes it far easier for traders to optimise their profit levels during times of sustained market depreciation.

Enjoy Outstanding Customer Service

Arguably, the AvaTrade app offers best-in-class multilingual customer service, which is delivered directly through the interface and a variety of real-time channels.

This not only helps to support the fully array of available demo and live accounts, but it also ensures that clients have the opportunity to resolve issues quickly, efficiently and in line with their expectations.

From real-time (and not to mention intuitive) chatbots to 24-hour, international helplines, AvaTrade’s support network is one of the most comprehensive in the marketplace. Most importantly, it ensures that you can minimise downtime and optimise the efficiency of your trades regardless of your geographical location or preferred trading session.

As you can see, AvaTrade is an innovative app that has become a preferred choice for forex traders across the UK. It is also important to note that the platform offers access to various stocks, commodities and a range of additional asset classes, enabling traders to build a diverse portfolio that minimises risk over time.