Best Remote Controlled Racing App-Game

Are you looking for the best remote controlled racing game? Well, I spoke with John from, I found that the process is not as easy as it may seem. Even so, the Ultimate Lightning McQueen is the best auto game that I’ve come across. The game’s developer is Sphero, a company that’s known for app-games such as the Star Wars BB-8 droid. It’s the company’s very first remote-control racing car game.

So, what makes Lightning McQueen the best? I noticed that it’s not like any other RC car. It is the main character in the Disney movie franchise. It can also gesture emotionally using its tires! How awesome is that? Also, it has some even talks and expressive set of eyes. Now let me show you why it’s better than all other racing app-games.


You Watch Lightning McQueen Come To Life!

I enjoy a game that’s more realistic. The auto game has life-like gestures meaning that the car can show changes in emotion. How does it work? All this is made possible by the six motor movements found under the bonnet. They control the suspension, tires, steering wheel and the mouth animation at the front. What’s more, the windscreen has a fixed LCD that act as McQueen’s eyes!

It also has close to 300 phrases spoken by Owen Wilson, a Hollywood actor who’s voiced Lightning McQueen in the car racing movies.

The Attention to Detail

I love cars speed! So, with that, it’s only right that I should mention the detailed features of Lightning McQueen. While a huge section of the car is made using light plastic, its attention to detail is incredible. The sponsorship messages are very colorful giving the impression that they are regularly polished! Here, there is no room for cheap and peelable stickers.

The car is controlled through Bluetooth once you use the Lightning McQueen mobile app which is available on both iOS and Android. You also have the choice of using touch, and I found this to be a little bit easier. It moves in all directions when touched on the top, boot, bonnet and side doors.

Awesome App-Features!

I also enjoyed the game’s feature. It has the central control system where you drive the car using a reverse gear and accelerator. There is also another button that tells McQueen to drift in a number eight-figure or to make gaming move called “donuts.”

Another feature is the Pit Stop Game where you touch and match different items. Some good examples are tires or engine oils. Match them with those cars which need to use them. Even as I kept playing, I was treated to some encouraging comments from McQueen!

The only challenge is that it’s not so easy driving McQueen by using the app. It took me some time! But, after mastering it, you get the full fun experience. He will even say “Did you see that?” after you do many “donuts.”

I’m sure that you’ve come across many remote controlled mobile application games and even taken a visit to various review websites. To take your gaming experience to an exciting new level, have you tried playing Lightning McQueen?