Game Review – Jelly Crusher

One of the most popular genres of games for smartphones are certainly the puzzle games and the arcade games. So, wouldn’t be fun if there is a game that is a great combination of these two genres? Finding the best combination can be hard but we looked and for all lovers of arcade games, puzzle games, and bubble pop games, we found one amazing game that offers all three gameplays in one. Let’s discuss about this exciting jelly crush pop puzzler.

What is Jelly Crusher?

Jelly Crusher is one incredible arcade puzzle game that is developed on the iOS platform. This game as a combination of arcade, puzzle and pop game, offers players the most exciting and challenging gameplay of destroying and crushing vibrantly cool candies, sweets and deserts fast. The game is testing the fast and precise reactions of the player, allowing him to become the ultimate Jelly Crusher with passing levels and becoming faster in the game.

Why do we love it?

This game offers its users amazing high-quality graphics and cool background sounds while playing. Users have a simple task, to tap or swipe on the screen to control the arrow’s length and strength and release it for popping the jellies. On every level the players need to try and collect more coins to get higher scores. On this game, users are getting different powerful weapons for destroying the jellies.

With the collected coins, users can purchase those weapons and dominate this pop puzzle crush. The game helpers come in form of boomerangs, thunders, bubbles, bouncy and other weapons. Every shot of the user counts and the user musts react fast to finish the level. The game is offering various levels with different missions for endless fun.

Download the game now on and App Store for free.