GoTalent App, from two perspectives

The workplace has always been about finding balance between the type of employee you need for the job  and an employee which will fit into your existing team.  Most employers will tell you an uncooperative or problem employee can work like a cancer in a unit, which has to work together for success.

The GoTalent app which is available on the AppStore is a clever iOS app which utilizes twelve psychological questions to see the strengths of the person taking the test. Now this app can be used by both sides of employment equation. The employer is always looking for the tools to make sure the candidate for the job has the qualities they’re looking for and the employee has more information to see what his or her strengths are to apply for appropriate positions.

We have put the test out to people who are on both of the employment equation and this is their finding:

Employee: I took the test to see what my strength would be in the workplace. The questions asked me to pick out of three options what would be the most like myself and the least like myself. It’s difficult to answer picking the most and the least, as I would have rather picked ordering all of them one, two or three. By using the one, two, three method I would be accepting that all the qualities relating to the question are in play and not just two out of the three.

I really liked the graphics I got from the app giving me a cool spider web design showing me my greatest strengths and perhaps a weakness I might need a little work on. You can also flip the graph into a bar graph if that’s a visual you prefer. There is also a written report giving you a generalized report to point me into a direction of what type of job I should apply for, but it doesn’t give me any actual industries I should maybe direct my attentions towards. I would have liked a hint as what my strengths and jobs would be a good match.

Employer: I’m always looking for tools and tricks for helping me pick the best employee to join my team. This app is a good starting place for me to see who might fit into my team. The questions are somewhat general and of course only after hiring someone and seeing them in action can you see if the test is accurate. I kinda equated this app to a dating app. On paper the employee might be a perfect fit, but in actuality if there is no chemistry the employee just won’t be a good fit. But the app gives me another tool which might help me make an informed choice. It was easy to use and I liked the “share” feature, with a nice tracking feature of who I have sent the test to.

So there you have two job hunting sides reviewing the app.  As an app reviewer we found the app is simple in design, which is good. The app will only grow and develop as the feedback points the developer in one direction or another. Simple things like printing the report options or the share mechanism needs a little work. But all in all, if you are in the market for a job, or looking for a new employee, this is a good starting place.

Available on Android and also check out the GoTalent Website.