Game Review – Faraway: Puzzle Escape

Puzzle games are among the most popular, ever. The genre has evolved consistently and developers have been finding new and exciting ways of teasing our brains, making us think, and stumping us entirely. With many puzzles out there for our smartphones, finding the right one can be hard. But, we looked and we found one highly challenging puzzle game that offers exciting adventure. Let’s discuss about it.

What is Faraway: Puzzle Escape?

Faraway: Puzzle Escape is one exciting and fun adventure and puzzle game that is developed on the iOS platform. On this adventure, players are offered one challenging and mysterious gameplay with many puzzles for solving and amazing ancient ruins for exploring. Suitable for all lovers of challenging puzzles, this game is offering to become an explorer and solve many different puzzles to escape the ancient ruins. With high-quality graphics and sound effects, the players will be hooked on the first try.

Why do we love it?

This game is simply created and yet highly addictive, offering players more than 18 grand temples packed with puzzles. The story behind the gameplay is that you as a player are walking in footstep of your father that was a collector of unusual artifacts who went missing 10 years ago. The player’s journey takes him from deserts and oasis to old crumbling ruins of a mysterious civilization. They had constructed devices and puzzles to see if the adventurer is worthy of knowing their secrets. Observe the environment, collect items, manipulate devices and solve perplexing puzzles to escape temple labyrinths.

The 3D world on the game is easy for navigating and holds many secrets. The game is intriguing the players with offering them to collect pages of their missing dad’s diary and find out what happened to their family. Download the game now from the App Store for free.